The island Lipsi

Lipsi is a complex of small islands north of Leros and east of the island of Patmos. Come and discover 20 minor islands around central Lipso (the largest and the only island inhabited ) which are scattered in the Aegean giving the landscape its unique style.

Our island lipsi is ideal for those who seek relaxation and quiet vacations and wish to enjoy the sun and the sea. Visit the low hills planted with olive trees and vineyards, reaching down to long beaches and tiny bays full of crystal, clear waters.

It is a dream to come true for those who seek simple, hospitable people and a way of life that remains traditional despite touristic development. The island covers a surface of and the central location is called “ Chorio”.

Its small size, low hills and the convenient transport encourage the visitor to meet the island on foot. However, one can rent motorbikes or bicycles, take a taxi or mini buses which connect the main village to the most distant beaches.

The picturesque village for Lipsi is extended around the safe central bay of the island and its low hills. The two main locations of the island are the port and the top square.At the port and the square visitors can find most of the shops and the service of the island. You can see white houses built among the blossomed gardens.

Today despite the constructions for Lipsi , the village remains picturesque and the best way to discover its beauty is to walk the narrow alleys.